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GE Simon 3 Wireless Intrusion/ Fire Control Panel Self-Contained Talking System, 24-Zones

The Simon 3 packs a new level of advanced wireless security into a console design that is smaller and more attractive than anything that has come before. The Simon 3 has more "high value" consumer features; incredible new performance and the built-in quality that has made GE the most trusted wireless brand in the world. The Simon 3 proves that great things really do come in small packages!

Soccer, school or special activities can keep school age children busy throughout the day. Now, with the GE Smart Security latchkey feature, parents can check from work to know if their children don't arrive home at a programmed time.

The GE Simon 3 system is a self-contained wireless security system and lighting control center with the keypad, control unit, and sounder built into one compact enclosure. If a problem is identified by one of the sensors, the system calls up to three phone numbers, alerting the homeowner with a voice that explains the problem. The system puts the consumer in control. If there is a problem identified by one of the sensors, the homeowner can then decide whether to call 911, or a neighbor, to address the situation. The user can even disarm and control the system over the phone line or with a wireless remote. As part of this security and lifestyle system, consumers can also monitor their premises with user-friendly motion, door/window, smoke/fire, water, and freeze sensors. Consumers can control the system from the control panel or with a small keychain remote or have full remote control with a small touchpad from bed. Up to 24 sensors can be added to the system.

Features and Benefits

  • 24 wireless zones, 2 of which can be hardwired
  • Supports all ITI Crystal and SAW Learn Mode™ Sensors
  • Supports 2-way RF Talking Touchpad, Simon Handheld RF Touchpad and Keychain Touchpad
  • Voice cues that support fast and simple programming Built-in siren
  • Lack-of-use reporting
  • Five levels of authority for programming protection
  • Primary and secondary central station telephone numbers
  • SIA or CID central station reporting formats, numerical page and voice event notification reporting
  • Supports ITI ToolBox™ Downloader software 100 Event Buffer with time and date stamp
  • Quik Bridge™ repeater support
  • 24-Hour backup battery
  • Meets SIA false alarm prevention recommendations

GE Concord Ultra Intrusion/Fire Control Panel, 8-96 Zones, 2300’ Wireless Range

Get ready for security that's unlike anything else in its range. Concord™ Ultra offers a long list of popular features. The on-board crystal 96-zone wireless receiver has an open-air range of 2300 feet, solving distance challenges for large homes and detached buildings. It's fully loaded with an impressive list of standard features for total performance. And you can add modules for advanced electronic capabilities like Internet security monitoring, home automation integration, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • 96 wireless or hardwire zones
  • 8 standard hardwire zones
  • Standard crystal receiver supports up to 96 wireless zones
  • Compatible with crystal Learn Mode sensors
  • Sophisticated telephone control
  • Extensive 225-word vocabulary
  • 2 onboard programmable outputs
  • 2- and 4-wire smoke detector compatibility
  • 250-event history buffer, viewable from an alphanumeric touchpad
  • 230 user-programmable access codes
  • 16 schedules available for lighting and outputs
  • Latchkey numeric paging
  • Convenient X10 control
  • Compatible with SnapCards or SuperBus 2000 peripherals
  • 2300' open-air range
  • Integrates with home automation systems
  • Available internet monitoring and control
  • Ready to go right out of the box

GE Wireless Crystal Smoke Detector with Thermal Heat

The GE Crystal smoke detector is a commercial-grade, photoelectric smoke detector. Unlike units sold in retail stores (commonly ion detectors), these units are designed to work with your security system and to send a unique signal to the control panel enabling a fire response request to be sent to the Central Monitoring Station. Its photoelectric cell detects slow smoldering fires that give off toxic fumes, and also detects rapid temperature changes. The fixed 135°F temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector trips an alarm based on high temperature detected or rapidly rising temperature rate of 15°F/minute. To prevent false alarms, its completely sealed chamber is designed to keep out bugs. A Pre-Alarm/Maintenance Alert automatically reports a dirty detector prior to causing a false alarm. The sensor's tamper switch activates if the detector is removed from its mounting bracket.

GE Wireless ShatterPro Glass Break Sensor

The Wireless ShatterPro™ Series provides excellent false alarm immunity without compromising detection. It is ideal for applications where hard wired acoustic sensors are impractical.

The Wireless ShatterPro™ Series is based on Sentrol’s field-proven Pattern Recognition Technology™, which listens across the glass break frequency spectrum for greater false alarm immunity. This allows the sensor to detect breaking glass through blinds and light, unlined drapes. Also features a 20' range from the sensor to the window.

GE Wireless Pet Immune Motion Sensor

The motion sensor detects infrared energy given off by persons in a secured area. An alarm is signaled only when the sensor is armed and the viewed energy has the correct temperature, motion, and timing associated with an intruder, thus safeguarding against false alarms. The sensor uses multiple lenses to provide a choice of seven different coverage patterns, including a pattern to protect against activation by pets.


  • 35 feet by 40 feet coverage area for standard and optional animal alley lenses
  • Three minute transmitter lockout time after an alarm that helps extend battery life
  • Cover-activated tamper (optional wall-activated tamper is included)
  • Sensor low battery reports (trouble) to the control panel

GE Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The Carbon Monoxide sensor provides early warning of dangerous carbon monoxide gas levels. A pre-alarm warning feature indicates low levels of CO. The detector plugs into an AC power outlet and will operate for four hours without AC power using its internal rechargeable battery.


GE Wireless Water-Resistant Pendant Panic Sensor

Designed to go just about anywhere, this sensor allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm whether at home, in the yard, or in the shower.


  • Water and shock resistant
  • Recessed panic button prevents false alarms
  • Can be worn around neck
  • Built-in belt clip allows sensor to be attached to belt or purse
  • Wall mounting option

GE Key Chain Remote

These small, powerful touch pads provide convenient portable control over security system lights, panic, and garage door functions. This Key Chain Remote also activates features such as…Disarm, Arm, Lights, and Auxiliary Controls.


GE Wireless Door/Window Transmitter

Use door/window sensors to protect anything that opens and closes, such as doors, windows, jewelry cases, and gun cabinets. The sensor detects intrusion with a magnet and reed-switch mechanism that signals an alarm during unauthorized entry.

GE Wireless Recessed Door/Window Transmitter

Wireless flexibility allows door/windows protection even where the sensor must be totally concealed. The sensor is placed in the door frame and the magnet is located in the door. Sensors are completely concealed when installed and powered by a long life lithium battery.


GE Universal Module

This module uses isolated contacts to control such low voltage devices as sprinkler systems, drapery controls, garage door openers, and yard lighting. It can be set for momentary or sustained contact closure, and has a built in chime. (Rated at 5 amps / 24v DC)

GE Exterior/Interior Hardwired Siren

Produces full volume alarm sounds for large indoor and outdoor areas. Features weather proof housing and 115 db of maximum siren output.

GE Wireless Interior Siren

This wireless siren plugs into any outlet in your home or business providing 95 db of ear piercing alarm siren sound.

GE Wireless Freeze Sensor

Undetected furnace failure can lead to frozen and burst pipes, and serious expense. The Freeze sensor safeguards against extensive damage due to undetected freezing.

GE Wireless Water Sensor

The ITI water sensor spares you the headaches of water leaks that go undetected for hours and even days. The sensor sounds an environmental alarm when it detects water.

GE Talking Keypad

The wall-mounted wireless Touch Talk 2-Way RF Touchpad combines a conventional touchpad with an RF receiver, speech chip with 212-word vocabulary, and voice amplification. Touch Talk provides convenient system control plus voice feedback and system status.

GE Remote Palm Pad

The Remote Palm Pad can arm, disarm, the system as well as turn on and off the lights using the X10 technology. The Remote Palm Pad uses the same master code that you use on your Simon 3 system.

GE Lamp Module

Gain the added security and convenience of automated light control via your security system by turning lights on and off while you are away.


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